Celebrating our 2000th MRI patient

2000 patient MRI_2

When 22 year old student Alexandra Bullivant arrived at The New Malden Diagnostic Centre for a scan on her injured shoulder, she wasn’t expecting to receive the ‘red carpet treatment’!

Unbeknown to Alex, she was about to undergo the 2000th scan on the Centre’s state of the art MRI.

The Centre, which opened just three years ago, has proven a big success with an increasing number of patients coming for diagnostics and treatment, not only from New Malden itself but from a wide area surrounding the town.

Alexandra was presented a portfolio of gift vouchers by the Centre’s Medical Director, Dr Jeremy Harris and then she cut a celebratory and specially designed cake to mark the occasion.

Alexandra said she was impressed by the friendly atmosphere at the Centre and thanked staff for their ‘surprise party’.

Dr Harris said that patient feedback on the centre, which is also equipped with the latest X-ray, digital mammography and cardiac diagnostic technology, was universally positive.

“Our facilities are open longer hours than many other centres and we work very hard to make people feel welcome when they arrive.  We try to be as professional and as efficient and as caring as possible and people appreciate that,” he said.

The New Malden Diagnostic centre is able to see patients for a wide range of conditions ranging from cardiac problems through to musculo-skeletal pain and even brain scans.

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