Digital X-Ray

Our X-Rays are undertaken using a totally digital system which ensures that the images are available immediately and measurements can be made of any area of the body.

The X-Ray system we have has the unique ability to examine the whole spine in one image or whole leg(s) in one image as well. This is invaluable to looking at the curvature of the spine or of the actual length of legs, which can only be done with the patient standing up.

All plain radiography is available at New Malden including specialist views prior to orthopaedic surgery.

The entire Centre is networked to HCA Healthcare UK centrally via a PACS (Picture Archive Communication System) which has the added advantage of remote Consultant Radiologists being available to provide an instant report in cases where the Senior Radiographer has detected an abnormality that needs urgent follow-up.

This ensures the report will be delivered on time to your GP.